out now: AA117. Fall Of Efrafa - Burial LP

Originally this record got pressed on vinyl simply because it wouldn't fit on the Inlé vinyl. The first Edition of 320 copies with screenprinted B-side, sold at their last show in the UK was sold out right away. thats why we decided to re-release it and make it available again so people dont have to pay huge collector prices to get this amazing record. Includes a single-sided insert with credits and lyrics, a etching on the B-side...


Pressing Details:

First Press LP (05.12.2009): 320x LP with silkscreened B-Side – without ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA

Second Press (15.12.2016): 250x limited colored and 750x black Vinyl, 180g Vinyl, Insert, Etching on Side B



A1. The Burial