Downfall Of Gaia [DE/USA]

Downfall of Gaia is a dark wall, moving forward relentlessly, enveloping the listener, absorbing one's spirit to take one into the realm of the band's potent sound.

Founded in 2008 and having undergone several line up changes, the quartet is now comprised of the two founding members Dominik Goncalves dos Reis (guitar and vocals) and Anton Lisovoj (bass and vocals), Marco Mazzola (Guitar) and Michael Kadnar (drums), who are respectively located in Berlin, Hamburg, and New York City.

Although the group's roots lie within the DIY / Crust scene, they have become more closely associated with a sound that rather corresponds to the impact of an avalanche made from black earth, rock, and dirty sludge, while their lyrics poetically describe the dark side of living. In their early days, they released one demo, which was heavily influenced by d-beat, in addition to a split tape with French band Kazan in advance to a tour EP in 2009. Their debut album "Epos" followed in 2010, which was realized with the help of several DIY-labels.

The band's connection to the DIY scenes also led to a split LP with In The Hearts Of Emperors on Alerta Antifascista Records, one of the most important underground/punk labels in Germany, as well as Moment Of Collapse and Shove Records.

The band never intended to stagnate, and naturally their sound underwent significant changes. Downfall of Gaia drifted away from fast crust punk, which influenced their early work, towards longer and more intense material that became the more massive with black metal, doom and sludge elements.


In 2012 they signed to Metal Blade Records and the story continues. New records, alot of touring...

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Records on Alerta

AA66. Downfall Of Gaia / In The Hearts Of Emperors - Split LP
AA66. Downfall Of Gaia / In The Hearts Of Emperors - Split LP
AA65. Downfall Of Gaia - Epos LP
AA65. Downfall Of Gaia - Epos LP

AA66. Downfall Of Gaia / In The Hearts Of Emperors - Split LP

AA66. Downfall Of Gaia / In The Hearts Of Emperors - Split LP

DOWNFALL OF GAIA from Germany and IN THE HEARTS OF EMPERORS from Sweden share this split together and there wouldn’t be a better fitting combination to do this. Both bands play this dark crust,doom,punk style. DOWNFALL OF GAIA contribute two (more one long) song to this split. It starts very slow, like you already heard it on some of their last songs on 'epos'. It grows and grows over a few minutes until it breaks out. Epic, atmospheric parts meet blast. To compare it to other bands you can say ALPINIST meets FALL OF EFRAFA here. IN THE HEARTS OF EMPERORS are the counterpart to DOG. I really could copy and paste what I wrote before. Three dark, downtuned songs array to one long song here. Dark and angry vocals meet hard guitar lines. Reminds me very much to AMENRA. The LP comes in a heavy gatefoldcover with a printed inside. The vinyl itself will be pressed on heavy (180gr)

Pressing Details:
First Press (28.01.2011): 1000x red vinyl, 180gram, gatefold sleeve, A2 poster
Second Press (05.04.2013):  1000x transparent green vinyl, 180gram, gatefold sleeve, A2 poster

A1. Downfall Of Gaia - These Wet Feathers...
A2. Downfall Of Gaia - ... Wont Dry On Their Own
B1. In The Hearts of Emperors - Marching Into Forever
B2. In The Hearts Of Emperors - Tears Fall Down In Order To Watch Us Fall
B3. In The Hearts Of Emperors - You´re Bleeding, Every Shed Of Light Is Dying

AA65. Downfall Of Gaia - Epos LP

AA65. Downfall Of Gaia - Epos LP

Up and coming German crust act Downfall of Gaia traverse more harrowing emotion than many bands do in their entire discographies. Both intensely atmospheric and relentlessly hard-hitting, the band takes hardcore fundamentals and pushes them to emotional extremes, flickering between fragility and ferocity. Somewhere between MADAME GERMEN, EKKAIA, ALPINIST and FALL OF EFRAFA! Awesome!!!

Pressing Details:
First press (2010): without ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA
Second press (2011): 500x black vinyl in a white cover, 180gram
Third press (05.04.2013): 500x half white/half black vinyl, white cover, 180 gram

A1. Prolog
A2. Odium
A3. Zerfall
B1. Silere
B2. Luftschloss
B3. Epilog