Hexis [DK]

the return of the Danish killing machine Hexis, one of the most promising bands and most avantgarde within the genre. After a handful of EPs, splits and some tours across Europe and South America, where the band left a trail of destruction wherever they went, Hexis left everyone on their knees begging for more. Well, do not despair. Your prayers were heard and have been answered. Hexis are back and they are angrier than ever. An avalanche of intense blackened riffs that are fired all over while the drummer plays at a pace that seems more like he’s controlling a frantic shredding machine, crushing everything in its stride. All of this is taking place as the voice of shredder Flip, sounding more evil than ever, rips through the middle of this dense blackness. All of you who know the band and have followed them since day one (like me) know what to expect here: a dense wall of the most perverted and vicious blackened hardcore dipped in the most corrupt sludge. Like I once stated, Hexis could easily be that false twin of the French band Céleste, from whom they were separated at birth, causing hate and anger to grow and mold her character.

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Records on Alerta

AA120. Hexis - Tando Ashanti LP
AA120. Hexis - Tando Ashanti LP
AA103. Hexis - XI LP
AA103. Hexis - XI LP

AA120. Hexis - Tando Ashanti LP

AA120. Hexis - Tando Ashanti LP

The follow up to their break-through "Abalam" LP. - This album its hosted in an "tipon" gatefold jacket, download code, 180gram Vinyl plus an 12 Page LP-sized booklet and printed inner sleeve. A musically and physically massive piece of chaos! for friends of bands like CELESTE...

Pressing Details:
First Press: 450x limited color + 1050x black Vinyl, tipon gatefold jacket, download code, 180gram Vinyl, 12 Page LP-sized booklet, printed inner sleeve

A1. Tando
A2. Ashanti
A3. Molestus
A4. Ritualis
A5. Calamitas
A6. Nocturnus
B1. Opacus
B2. Cordolium
B3. Resurrectio
B4. Septem
B5. Praesagum

AA103. Hexis - XI LP

AA103. Hexis - XI LP

Pressing Details: 100x white/grey mixed with black haze, 400x black vinyl. gatefold cover, printed innersleeve, download code, all LPs 180gram vinyl

A1. Evinco
A2. Aspernatio
A3. Procella
A4. Crux
B1. Nex
B2. Seputus
B3. Fatum